Incorporated in July 1981, Preserve Our Wrecks, Kingston aims to further public knowledge and appreciation of Ontario's marine heritage working towards three principal objectives

  • Assisting museums and public archives in acquiring information and displaying artifacts pertaining to Ontario marine history
  • Undertaking public education projects, and
  • Surveying, documenting and encouraging the preservation of shipwrecks in Ontario's lakes as a resource of historical value to the public in the Province and Canada

Preserve Our Wrecks is dedicated to working with other historical, archaeological and conservation bodies to promote awareness of, and an educated respect for, the rich maritime heritage of Kingston, Ontario.  Members undertake public presentations, engage in underwater surveys and inspections of important heritage sites and annually provide moorings on frequently visited dive sites to reduce the damage caused by careless anchoring and other activities.  

The Organisation provides training for avocational underwater archaeologists under the auspices of the internationally respected Nautical Archaeology Society.  

They are delighted too to visit groups and schools to talk about the many historic wrecks in local waters and can produce dramatic images of the majority of them.

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