This page describes ongoing projects and discusses future plans. 

Shore Diving Catalogue

Guide to Shore Diving.  POW has regularly published guides to various shore dive sites in Kingston over the years.  But, the loss of many to construction and other factors means that it’s time to undertake a more comprehensive review.  During 2020, members will be evaluating old sites and looking for new ones, generating guides and safety plans for each as they go.  Join us to make this happen.

Cooperation with the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes

With the welcome news about the regeneration of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes and its return to the original premises comes news of more collaboration to support exhibits.  Divers will hopefully be making visits to the Wolfe Islander early this Spring to collect video material for a new display.

Mooring Project

POW annually places moorings on more than 20 local wrecks.  The work involves diving to retrieve lines that are attached to substantial concrete blocks, typically in excess of 2,000 lbs.  The use of blocks and lines serves two purposes.  Firstly, it allows visiting dive boats quickly and easily to locate and identify the site.  This saves fuel and time.  Secondly, using a mooring line prevents divers dropping shot lines and anchors, as they used to do, frequently fouling and damaging the wrecks we seek to preserve.  On the surface, attached to the mooring line, we place a private mooring buoy.  The buoy is prominently labelled to identify it as marking a heritage site.  The mooring work is costly.  The whole setup at each site is worth more than $400.  For this reason, we welcome sponsors and donors who are willing to support the work.  Anyone can do this through our site at Canada Helps.  If you’re interested in how we choose which wrecks we moor, check out the criteria.

Review and Update of the 1998 Photo SurveyPhoto Project Update

It remains an ambition, particularly in the era of ever more sophisiticated imaging platforms,  to update the photo project that was completed in 1998.  The original study captured images of the majority of local wrecks, allowing non-divers to understand more about their maritime heritage and establishing the status of the sites.  A new cycle of imagery capture would allow deterioration to be assessed and apply superior image-capture capabilities to the task.  The intention is also to add video to the archive. 

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