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Latest addition to our little library of local dive site videos is one featuring a much-loved schooner, the City of Sheboygan.  Filmed by Jim Van Loosen and Jim Kozmik - an internationally renowned underwater videographer - in 2016, it shows everything that makes our wrecks famousPOW was very pleased to support a project undertaken by Cogeco TV’s Kingston office in late 2014 that created a 7 minute feature on wreck diving.  This segment was used in a six-episode series on Ontario attractions that aired in the Spring of 2015.  We like it a lot and believe that it does a great job of advertising what we do and why we love to dive in Kingston.  See what you think.

And this is a general introduction to wreck diving around Kingston made by our local Cogeco station.  It’s followed by a variety of wreck videos made by local divers over the years.  If you have one of which you’re particularly proud, send us the URL and we’ll host it, giving you the credit…

Comet Wreck - One of Kingston’s most popular dives. Both paddle wheels of the vessel stand upright and most of the engine parts are visible

Cora Post - This small wreck, often known as the Brick Barge (her cargo, still visible) lies on the South side of Howe Island

Cornwall Wreck - A side-wheeled paddle steamer that, in the Summer of 1860, carried the British Prince Prince of Wales during a tour of Canada

HMS St Lawrence - Flagship of the British Squadron in the War of 1812, larger than Nelson’s ship, Victory, now little remains

Kingston General Hospital Wreck - A wooden-hulled barge that lies off the Hospital that gives it its name

Kingston Yacht Club and West St Ramp - Entering the water at West St Ramp allows an easy swim across the waters around the breakwater of the Yacht Club.  There are two car wrecks and various other things to see..

KPH Wreck - a steel-clad, wooden-hulled vessel that probably served as a steam tug for a local salvage operator, named for the nearest land object of note, the former Kingston Psychiatric Hospital, but very likely the Saginaw.

Marine Museum Barge - wooden-hulled, likely cargo barge that lies off the Marine Museum in Kingston

Portsmouth Harbour Wrecks - Literally a stone's throw from the breakwater and the Coastguard Station, several large wreck fragments lie in shallow water

Princess Charlotte - humble remains of a British warship from the War of 1812

City of Sheboygan  One of the best preserved schooner wrecks, lying off the SE corner of Amherst Island

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